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Welcome to the E-Shop Online Oil Company of Salento by Olearia Schirinzi !!!

In Apulia you can find the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of mill for your family. Selling oil and typical products of Salento.




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    Welcome to Shop On Line Extra Virgin Olive Oil

     of Schirinzi Company







    About us...  

    Condire pane con olio


    The Company Oil Mario Schirinzi has its origins in the 60s the mill's traditional father, centrally located in Carmiano, Lecce, a town of Salento suited to agriculture and in particular the production of cereals, oil and wine.
    Our Company first mentioned in 1963 and is now in its third generation thanks to children who are still passionately in familial form of production activity of the precious gold of Salento, which is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Puglia.
    The corporate structure is arranged so as to achieve the so-called "short chain", ie get the finished product from the cultivation of the fruit. In fact, we take care of the olive growing business (40 hectares) of olive processing in oil on our Mill Oil Company, and finally bottling and packaging of our precious oil in various formats.




    In the place of business is a retail outlet for the display and sale of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other typical products of Salento.

    Our oil is not found in traditional commerce, much less is available in supermarkets, to sell high-quality extra virgin olive oil from Puglia in Salento, we turn directly to a consumer-oriented, attentive to the quality of life he has chosen as a control, and pleasure, quality and wholesomeness of the product, preventing healthy and well-being.

     Ulivi secolari Salentini



    what inspires us ... 


    "ancient traditions, who have shared love and passion for the production of extra virgin olive oil, now make excellent vocations for a product that combines the satisfaction of the palate with a proper way to eat because the taste goes perfectly with the balanced diet, and eat olive oil means not having to choose between taste and health, including flavor and well-being, pleasure and balance. "
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    Produzione Olio del Salento 

      "Old traditions, excellent vocation" is therefore our business philosophy, our innate commitment to produce an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, unique and unmistakable sensations and that captures all the charm in the Salento peninsula: traditions, landscape, flavors and perfumes.








    Why this Store Online ...

    After letting us know, we'll explain how does this Store E-Shop On Line...
    We are confident that our company Oil selling oil for three generations has no customers. This is because, do not believe it, our customers are friends and family who know them one by one, by name and surname!
     Vendita al dettaglio ed on line Olio del Salento
    Oh yes, many come to visit us to see our olive groves, our mill and in general our Old Company Oil, here in fact make purchases directly from producers to consumers of our high-quality extra virgin olive oil.
    Especially during the summer, tourists and vacationers who are staying in Salento, in particular in Porto Cesareo (20 km), every year they stop for a visit of farewell in the company and benefit for purchasing oil. In addition, there are families that often find because they are interested in our oil that have been tested and tasted at restaurants in the Salento, in which we provide Mignon Oil Single-Dose Bottles for diners.

    In this way, thanks to the new E-SHOP OIL ON LINE our cherished families away from this land of Salento may ask the oil of the new oil campaign already in December, directly on the web with the services of a professional such as E-Commerce this. You will in fact require the shipping of the goods to your home with peace and security and pay for your order to you in the most congenial, the service mark by PayPal (credit cards).
    For more information about production and how to visit our corporate website. 

    And now, register for free and good buy...



    “Old traditions, excellent vocations" is our philosophy, our commitment to produce a natural extra virgin olive oil Excellent quality,  

    which captures all the charm in the Salento peninsula: Nature, Landscape, Flavours and Fragrances."     

    Oil Company Schirinzi - Via Copertino, 153 - 73041 Carmiano (Lecce) - VAT IT 01121640757 - Office Hours and Service: Monday to Saturday 8.30-13:00 / 15:30-18:30

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