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Welcome to the E-Shop Online Oil Company of Salento by Olearia Schirinzi !!!

In Apulia you can find the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of mill for your family. Selling oil and typical products of Salento.




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    We have collected on this page some of the most common questions we are addressing our customers. Check if you find the answer you need. 



    I just registered, but have not received the password to access my account. What to do? A password will be sent to the email address indicated on the registration form. So please check your mail and take note of the password.



    You did not receive our communication? Check that the email address you entered is incorrect. If the email address on registration is correct and you have not received any communication, then write to or call the 0832.606497 for assistance.



    I want to make a gift. E 'can deliver the goods to another address? Sure. Just give the address of destination of goods (even abroad) before the confirmation order and specify in the notes that it is a gift. The goods will thus be accompanied by a note, and will not be attached invoice. You can specify the text of the note in the order notes. There is no minimum purchase, you can also buy a pack / box of each article in the online shop, provided the minimum quantities / multiple estimates for each package / box. In all cases we recommend that you amortize the cost of shipping when you buy multiple items. I placed an order. When will I receive the goods? Barring unforeseen circumstances, the goods are delivered throughout Italy in 2 / 3 working days after order confirmation.

    Delivery times may be higher in particular periods such as Christmas, Easter and summer, so in these periods do not guarantee delivery times normal.



    I want to make a purchase online. Is there a minimum order? What is the fee of delivery? This is an additional cost, equal to 2% of the order with a fixed € 5.00, which requires the Courier service for payment on delivery and will be added shipping charges if you choose to pay on delivery . If shipping costs are free, fees must be paid in cash for the service requested.



    Can I pay by check? Unfortunately not. The Courier is not authorized to collect checks of any kind, but only for cash.



    E 'can indicate a precise time for delivery? Unfortunately not. All deliveries are made by courier making deliveries throughout the day its second organizational logic and our company has no power to intervene. Please therefore indicate an address where someone is always there for the withdrawal of the package. However, if the notes indicated their willingness to be contacted by phone by the carrier before delivery to set date and time of delivery, we will ask the courier service "Delivery Notice", but without any responsibility on us.


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    Can I get an invoice for the goods ordered? Sure. Please specify in order notes and to indicate the name of the company, and on VAT and tax code. The invoice will be attached to the goods shipped.


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    I essercitare the right to withdraw? Sure. In accordance with Legislative Decree No. 185 of 22/05/1999, * the consumer has the right to terminate the contract and to return the goods within 10 working days from receipt of goods by registered mail with return receipt to: Azienda Olearia Schirinzi Mario, Via Copertino No 153 - 73041 Carmiano (Lecce).


    The products subject to reconsideration must be returned by the consumer, in conditions of substantial integrity, the same address used for the registered letter within 10 working days from receipt of goods. Upon receipt of the goods and verified of integrity, we will within 3 working days to credit the amount paid to the Consumer, except for shipping costs, which will be charged to the consumer. Refund will be made as quickly as possible and within 30 working days. The right of withdrawal does not apply to perishable goods. For any dispute the jurisdiction is to Lecce (Le).




    * Or the person who buys the product for private purposes and not related to their work.


    “Old traditions, excellent vocations" is our philosophy, our commitment to produce a natural extra virgin olive oil Excellent quality,  

    which captures all the charm in the Salento peninsula: Nature, Landscape, Flavours and Fragrances."     

    Oil Company Schirinzi - Via Copertino, 153 - 73041 Carmiano (Lecce) - VAT IT 01121640757 - Office Hours and Service: Monday to Saturday 8.30-13:00 / 15:30-18:30

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